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relationships for individuals, teams and organisations,
through coaching, mediation and facilitation.

What really matters?

Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected situation and it feels like you have been dealing with it forever? Going round and round. Feeling like there is no way out. And it will never change, no matter what you do?

Maybe it’s a dispute at work, in your team, or in a personal relationship. Maybe you’re feeling frustrated or restless. Maybe the unexpected has happened. Whatever the reason, it has stopped you; it’s important. And it’s left you feeling stuck or broken, and you know you don’t want it to be like this anymore.

You can’t figure out how to fix it. You don’t know what you can say or do differently that will change this. You don’t know what to do.

And this really needs to change.


Facing this, once and for all – showing up, speaking up and getting the resolution you need – means you can finally live your life.

No more labels.

No more being held back and bogged down by the weight of this.

No more wondering what’s wrong with you, or with them. No more wondering why this is happening and wishing it wasn’t …

I have been here, in just this spot.

What I have learned is there are ways of moving through this to start afresh. Ways that have worked for me, and will for people just like you, in situations just as fraught and difficult – even when it seemed hopeless.

I can’t promise things will go back to the way they were. But they certainly won’t stay the way they are now.

I’m not scared to sit in the fire with you. I won’t run, even if you think you’re at your worst.

I’ll listen to your story. Really listen.

And together we’ll work out what matters most and what to do next.

Hi, I’m Linley,

I truly believe with compassion, courage and curiosity we can build a way through anything life throws at us.

I have championed people, over many years, through some of life’s most challenging circumstances; at work, home and play.

Together we gain deep insight and awareness into what matters most; what hooks us and diverts our best of intentions; and how, with our new awareness, and through learning new skills, life can be fulfilling and meaning-filled even when the going gets tough.

I can sit beside you, and your challenge, via: Coaching (a personal one-on-one conversation), Mediation (a facilitated conversation with more than one person) or Facilitation (knowledge and skills development for larger groups). You can read more about how we can work together below.

Whatever circumstances bring us together, let’s start with a cuppa and a chat to plan a new way of moving through life’s challenges.