About Me


My mission

I support individuals and teams to move through bad situations, well. I champion them to understand their story, build choice and focus on what they can do.

Supporting people to find another way through—a way that really works— is something I’ve been doing now professionally for over fifteen years. Whether I’m working one-on-one with a client or developing teams in conflict management and resilience, the results change lives professionally and personally.



Sometimes it feels like everyone’s given up on you



Like you’re alone in this, and no-one understands.

Or maybe there are people around you, but you worry they’re sick of hearing about your problem. Wishing you’d just get over it and move on…

Part of you really wants to do that. Move on. Except you just can’t see past this.

It’s costing you, big time.

Lost sleep. Lost confidence. Shaky relationships. Fear. Anxiety.

People tell you to stop dwelling on it. Think about something else. You can’t switch this off, though, even on weekends when you’d love to be relaxing.

When you’re deep in conflict or struggling to see your way through something hard, something that hurts, sometimes you crave a fresh space where you can talk about this… all of this… with no judgement.

You want a conversation where no-one’s swooping in, trying to ‘fix’ it. No-one’s saying, ‘I know exactly how you feel’. How can they?

Your situation is unique. It needs more than band-aid solutions that will only wear off when things get tough again, leaving the same old wounds exposed. Your situation needs a unique and sustainable way through.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


Throughout my life I have found myself ‘niching’ in listening, therapy, coaching, mediation, negotiation – conflict resolution. I was the one people turned to when problems seemed insurmountable.

This is not because I have any special knack for fixing issues. I don’t have a magic wand that can make everything perfect. I have a life-time of personal experience in grief and trauma, challenges and conflict; and I have survived, thrived even, and live meaningfully through the practice of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.


There’s nothing more liberating than finding you have options, when you thought you’d tried everything

My job is to listen to your story. It’s to take you seriously. It’s to accept you, as you are.

It’s to find out what you want out of this, and support you to find your way there.  We will be your team.

Life doesn’t have to stay this hard.

Would you like to explore some more?

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You don’t just roll out the same program for everyone.

Through your tailored coaching program you were able to meet my individual needs. I think you are an inspiring human being who passionately cares about others and has the skillset to help them through your coaching. Thank you for being passionate, generous, creative and humble. I love how you see the best in everyone.