“Forgiveness is letting go of all hopes of a better past”

“Weep about it, Scream about it, Write about it. Then forgive.” We can not undo the past, nor will any amount of resentment or anger change the past, or anyone who has hurt us in the past. Well, of course,

Loving grief

Recently I was talking with a Mother whose son committed suicide by hanging. She is carrying a grief and burden so deep, for me it is unimaginable, and yet something this grieving Mother said to me that has really stuck was

The six things I have learned from 2017, and how they will shape my 2018.

As 2017 drew to a close yesterday, I spent much of the day watching the family I was with, and reflecting on what brought me to this point. The day was filled with laughter and adventure, and rest and relaxation,

Grief has no plan, it just is.

I read an article this week by Katherine Schafler, a psychotherapist in the US, “The one thing no one ever says about grieving”. Her words resonated with me and are the launch pad for today’s blog. Katherine’s opening line reads;