“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself”.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Using proven principles of Acceptance & Commitment Coaching, I champion people through: trauma, grief, workplace conflict, recovery from illness, many unexpected ‘life hurts’. Let’s begin with a wholehearted conversation. I would like to understand what has brought you to now and how you wish to move forward. Together, we can make a call on how well we fit.

I’ll describe a number of tailored approaches, each based on the Living Within Your Story Process Model, and leave you with creative ideas for your next step.

If you choose to work with me, your options include: Being Present to Your Story, Appreciating Your Story, Living Your Story and Connecting Stories Group Program.

Each of these options allows me to champion you as you learn to Live Within Your Story. Through a 5-phase process, you will develop new ways of thinking, new beliefs, new skills and SMART and HEART felt goals. We will test and reflect on the success of the process and outcomes, and make changes as we journey together.


“The things we fear most have already happened to us.”

Robin Williams

Our natural response to threat is avoidance, to keep us safe. However, progress doesn’t happen without change. First, we must walk into the story we need to change and engage in the ‘mush’; safely and courageously. Once we engage, through mindfulness, sharing verbally or even writing our stories, the story’s power is diminished considerably, and it can be a source of useful information for learning and change.

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

Nathaniel Branden

When you are compassionate and generous with yourself, acceptance enables forgiveness for being human, and opens the door to understanding your own contributions to your story. With acceptance comes choice, and opportunity for growth. If we judge ourselves harshly, how can we notice opportunities.  Acceptance of our habits, our uniqueness and ‘ourselves’ provides strength for change and learning. Forgiveness is the key to moving onto a life of purpose and meaning.

“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.”

Alice in Wonderland Lewis Carroll

Understanding your values, needs and identity challenges creates new ideas and choice. Consider how your current story is NOT like you, and how you want it to be? If yours was a success story, what would it look and feel like? What skills do you have to support your success story? And what would you like to develop? Exploring ‘You’ with curiosity is an adventure. We have no need for judgement or decisions; we are sitting together staring through the looking glass so that we may find new information, new aspects of ‘self’ and ways to better direct your energy.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.”

Bill Moyers

Develop goals and options, test them and reflect on them. Determine what you ‘can do’ and what you ‘will do’, make valued commitments to changing the way things are and growing into the way you want things to be. Be your difference. Be the change you wish to see in others, and be the success of your story.

We’ll practise and reflect on your choices. We’ll look for what you want to do, so that when you make your decisions and set goals you are confident and more assured of success. By now you have the presence to have a go and ‘the courage to fail, and rise again’, as author Brene Brown urges us to do. From ‘failure’ comes great change and growth, and tremendous strength.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

A rich and fulfilling life encompasses the flexibility to bounce back when the unexpected happens, and it will. Sustainable and responsive change, resilience, comes from stopping, resting, reflecting, analysing performance and applying new learning—living within your story.

Reviewing your story is about understanding that one change is insufficient and that true alignment with your values and your emerging best self requires many changes (usually many little changes) and the acceptance and defusion of roadblocks and doubts which have held you back in the past.

Linley Cornish

What is it about me that ideally places me to help you through this?

I have found myself, a number of times, standing at the precipice of trauma. My life story entails many experiences: thriving under a workplace bully, surviving rape, grieving multiple suicides in our extended family, thriving after divorce and, recently, becoming a mother who lost her son in a car accident.

For each trauma I’ve experienced, I have stood before a number of tough choices, the toughest being to choose me, trust in me, to keep moving and keep living. I was at the crest of a wave of fear and grief... and I learned much about the human capacity to manage emotional trauma.   I have learned about pausing mindfully and viewing the whole of my story rather than being hooked into a painful chapter.

I am not perfect. I get angry, sad, afraid and desperate, and by walking within my story—instead of blocking it or fighting against it—I have the capacity to be happy, joyous, courageous, confident and to experience elation again. I’m able to notice the good when it is there. To amplify the great when it sparks into my days, and to continue to love, live and grow.

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” 

Brene Brown

Looking back, reflecting upon my choices and how these have been useful, or not, to me, I acknowledge that success is not a solo journey. I need to rest on the strength of others at times. I have sought help when I have felt lost, afraid and desperate. I have accepted my own vulnerability.

Drawing on people’s strength and wisdom has kept me alive, and I don’t say that lightly. I have also learned that I do not have to have all the answers for my next step. I’ve learnt that there are many out there ready and willing to share and support me abundantly.

I am willing to listen to your story, to share my strength and learning so that you may create the experiences in life that you have only ever dreamed about. I offer you the opportunity to be your best self, even—or especially—under threat, and to know that being successful in life means you don't go it alone... 

You are worthy, you are enough.



Appreciating Your Story

vip program

Do you want to get that kick-start to change? Begin making life just like you imagine it could be, build self-awareness and confidence and do more of what you have dreamed.

The 5-week, one-on-one package includes:  

  • 3 face-to-face coaching sessions (skype/telecom)
    • two initially—one week apart
    • third followup—3 weeks later
  • Printed materials (PDF workbook)
  • Defined practice assignments
  • Email contact throughout program
  • A surprise gift

Book an obligation free chat 

to explore whether this program is right for you.

Living Your Story

platinum program

Spend personally tailored time together to make a real difference. Gain support with regular check-ins for building confidence. Create real change, practicing new skills and thinking with your coach at your side.

This 3-4 month, one-on-one package includes:  

  • VIP half day – one-on-one
  • 5 coaching sessions either face-to-face, skype or telecom
  • VIP half day
    • 2nd session – Week two
    • 3rd session – Week five
    • 4th session – Week 8
    • 5th session – Week 11
    • 6th session – Week 15/16
  • Printed materials (PDF workbook)
  • Tailored exercises and special topic training
  • Defined practice assignments
  • Accountability journal
  • Email contact throughout program
  • Quick calls availability
  • A surprise gift
  • OPTIONAL additional half day (at extra cost)

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to explore whether this program is right for you.

Connecting Stories

group program

Build from the experience of others. Engage online and in person with a group of like-minded supporters as keen to see you change your life as you are.

This one month group package includes:    

  • Group program for half a day
  • Maximum four participants
  • One private coaching session per participant
  • Regular group content and information calls
  • Online forum for interaction with the group and with me
  • Email access to me
  • Program materials
  • Accountability journal

Book an obligation free chat

to explore whether this program is right for you.