Linley listens and I feel absolute trust in her.

Having worked with Linley since 2008 I see the true passion she has for her clients. Linley is very personable, trustworthy, honest and professional. I love that she continues to grow through her own life experiences and that she sees such potential in everyone she works with. Linley is an exceptional coach and mentor and is able to tailor an approach to suit anyone’s needs.


A masterful coach whose focus is to help people thrive.

Linley is highly effective and professional coach who draws on her natural enthusiasm and curiosity to easily build rapport and trust with her clients. Working with Linley is a joy, I love her humour, honesty and courage. If you want to uncover what is really happening in your life and have someone in your corner then I would highly recommend engaging with Linley.


Linley has the gift of helping you see who you really are.

Working with Linley helped me gain confidence and energy to face my fears and take the first step onto a path that would lead me to live the life I was always meant to live.


I am now more confident in me.

Linley has the wonderful ability to understand, listen, advise and be sympathetic all at once. It is a totally rounding experience where you will feel more confident in your ability to take your life to another level.


You don’t just roll out the same program for everyon.

Through your tailored coaching program you were able to meet my individual needs. I think you are an inspiring human being who passionately cares about others and has the skillset to help them through your coaching. Thank you for being passionate, generous, creative and humble. I love how you see the best in everyone.

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